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Friday, November 25, 2016

Review: Meeting of the Mustangs by Cathy Kennedy

Meeting of the Mustangs:
By: Cathy Kennedy
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Stars: 3

Summary: A black colt is born into a band of wild mustangs and soon learns that life can often be difficult. Follow his story as he goes from a free spirit to being captured for profit, and discover how one man gains the trust and extreme loyalty of a very special horse.

Review: Meeting of the Mustangs was an okay book in my opinion. I had the feeling the book was meant for younger children. Which is probably why I didn’t enjoy the story as much. But with that being said, the book was well wrote and kept the story going. I Liked how the author wrote in the 3rd person to describe the horse’s life. By doing so made the book feel more realistic. I would recommend this book to younger children, especially those learning to read.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Review: Blossom and Beast by Rachel McCoy

Blossom and the Beast:
By: Rachel McCoy
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Stars: 5

Summary: Blossom Frane is only weeks away from her transformation. On her eighteenth birthday, she'll find out her future branch of society and her totem, the animal form she'll be able to take at will for the rest of her life. Like her brothers, she's expected to be a brown bear of the religious branch known as Terra.

In the Alderwood forests, Blossom's bear blood is a valuable asset. Any day now, a rival clan leader will step forward and offer her father a hefty bounty in exchange for her hand in marriage. Blossom can do nothing more than sit back and wait to be traded to the highest bidder.    

Determined to spend her last weeks exploring the Alderwood, Blossom sneaks away and manages to find Kaide Landel, a rising political star of the Pyro branch. Known for his violence and disregard for the religious teachings of the Terra branch, he's all wrong for the bear clan's prized daughter. But when the politician uses his wealth and influence to secure her hand,

Review: Blossom and the Beast, where do I begin on this story? The author truly did an amazing job on this book. From start to finish the author had my attention. Between the love story that evolved and the adventure you couldn’t go wrong. I would highly recommend this book. Blossom and the Beast is a fast read, but it is also a story that was also easy to follow.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Review: Rest Haven by Erik Therme

By: Erik Therme
Publisher: Kindle Press
Stars: 4

Summary: The last thing Kaylee wants to do is participate in a childish scavenger hunt--especially inside the abandoned retirement home on the edge of town. When she finds a bruised, deaf boy hiding inside one of the rooms, she vows to lead him to safety . . . only to discover the front doors are now padlocked, and her friends are nowhere to be found. Kaylee is about to learn that not everything that goes 'bump in the night' is imaginary, and sometimes there are worse things to fear than ghosts.

Review: Resthaven was interesting to say the least. It caught my attention from page one and I had hard time putting it down. The interesting part of the book was the author wrote in a way to make it sound like everything that was happening was in the girl’s heads. Resthaven moved at a fast pace and there was never a dull moment. There were moments it the book where you thought something was going to happen but instead went in the other direction. I would recommend this book more for young adults.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Review: Stuck in the Passing Lane by Jed Ringel

Stuck in the Passing Lane:
By: Jed Ringel
Publisher: About Face Press
Stars: 2

Summary: What happens when a newly divorced, monogamous, family-oriented Baby Boomer gets trapped on the Internet dating superhighway? From Spanish Harlem to Singapore, in relationships with Muscovite intellectuals and streetwise Chinatown massage parlor queens, Jed Ringel takes you on this hilarious, heartrending, self-revelatory, and sometimes even cringe-worthy journey. With the unsparing comments of his three daughters, and his own honest, self-deprecating assessments, Stuck in the Passing Lane is the non-stop entertaining memoir of a mature man, dauntlessly searching for his last great love; one that won’t, in just a matter of time, become relationship déjà vu.

Review: Stuck in the Passing Lane, was a book that I normally would not read, with that being said that might be the good indicator on why I personally had a hard time reading it. In fact I did not even finish the book. But the concept of the book was good. I thought it was intriguing and thought provoking. It was fast paced to a point, there was a part that I could not get past no matter how many times I tried. To someone else this book is probably very good. I would still say give the book a shot if you are into memoirs and love stories. 

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