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Review Policy and Promotions

Review Policy:
My love for reading has pushed me to start my blog 'Jagged Edge'.

I would be ecstatic and willing to help promote a book in any way possible. I will happily accept review copies from authors and publishers.

The reviews I post are my honest opinion and in no way influenced by anything except the book. Sometimes there are books that aren't my favorite but I know others will so I still recommend it. It always depends on the reader. I can't love every book I read, although I do enjoy most.

Genres we Enjoy: Are listed HERE. I may be missing something it is best to check with me.

Author/Book Promotions:
If you are an author and you want to promote your book or yourself please contact us, and we will be happy to help you out! We do Guest Posts, Interviews, Giveaways, and Swag!

Note: I don't wish to read a series out of sequence. If I have not read the series, please send me the first book, and the rest following suite. Each book will then get it's own review. If they work as stand alone please let me know we are more than willing to review as a stand alone.

Accepted Novels: When I accept a novel for review it does not promise a positive review. But most of the time will result in one. I also do not promise to review all books. Also I may not get to a book right away so do not fret. All of the reviews are my true feeling towards the book. I will try to select books for review that I like, but this will not promise a positive review. However I will not 'bash' a book. Each of my reviews will include: Cover Art, Publication Details, The Summary, my Review, and my Ratings.

Ad Space:
Fee for 30 days at $25 per ad.

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