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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Review: Cloudburst by V.C. Andrews

Title: Cloudburst
Author: V.C. Andrews
Publisher: Pocket Star
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Received: For Review

Summary: OUT OF A CLEAR BLUE SKY . . .Since being taken in by wealthy Mrs. Jordan March and living in her exquisite home like a daughter, Sasha Porter’s traumatic past—destitute on the streets, and the shattering accident that killed her mother—seems like a fading nightmare. Beautiful and sophisticated, as bold and daring as her “sister,” Kiera March, Sasha still keeps her mother’s wise words close to her heart: never fully trust anyone. Inside her privileged new world, it’s advice that will prove more precious than gold.. . . CAN ANYTHING STOP THE DOWNPOUR?Against the wishes of Jordan’s husband, Donald, Sasha attracts the attention of Duane Banks, a shy, handsome athlete, and maneuvers her way into his heart. But Duane’s hidden torment soon explodes in a horrific tragedy that pulls Sasha into a flood of guilt and despair. And when someone she thought she could trust targets her vulnerability, Sasha recalls her mother’s warnings—and a violent storm of dark deceptions and shocking family secrets is unleashed. Will she sink or swim?

Review: Without a doubt V.C. Andrews has an amazing gift for crafting stories. You never want to put the books down and you want to know every tiny detail of the main characters life. Sasha's foster sister is absolutely banana's and Jordan is an amazingly strong women. I loved the book and series beginning to end. Well OK I didn't like how in this page she took almost 40 pages to recap the last book. Other then that it was amazing. I just couldn't put it down.

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