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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Guest Post: Nova Sparks

Hey Guys!
This is Nova Sparks, author of the DOME trilogy, a sci-fi urban fantasy romance series. The first installment, the DOME is available for ereaders, and the second installment, the DOMErevelation will be available for ereaders on November 30th! Am I excited? Yes!
So what is the DOME trilogy about? The DOME trilogy follows an all American family fromColorado that have to live in a Dome on a distant planet after being saved by aliens from a crumbling Earth. The story starts off with the dad, Sam who has this dream depicting the exact events leading to Earth's demise. At first he dismisses it as just a dream, but then certain parts of his dream start to come true. Soon he's in a race against time to try and save as many people as possible by taking them to a remote location, a place that keeps showing up in his dream.
I decided in this story that I wanted there to be dual perspectives so the story has two main characters, Sam and his daughter Emma. Emma is this seventeen year old rebel girl with this really hard exterior but after getting to know her, you realize that she is so soft and mushy on the inside. Her relationship with her father is very strained and after this big event happens with the destruction of Earth, she sort of has no choice but to work on that relationship. Readers can definitely see how the relationship between Sam and Emma progresses and evolves throughout the story.
And what would the story be without love? Sam and his wife Kris have this relationship full of tension and secrets. I love their relationship because they represent the average married couple. A couple with their problems but through their hardships, realize that keeping the family together is more important than anything else. Their whole relationship really speaks about trusting your spouse and that it's okay to constantly build new relationships with that same person that you've been with for years. People change as they get older.
And of course there's Emma. On Earth, Emma had this slacker boyfriend that used to be everything she wanted but all of sudden became the object of her hate. Now on the new planet, she meets this dark and mysterious alien boy named Ked who forces her to open up with herself and with others without even knowing it. Ked, this alien boy, has no idea what many human emotions are and Emma is sort of forced to help him learn about human ways without herself really understanding it all. I had so much fun writing their relationship.
And all this is happening while this bigger question keeps popping up. Why did the aliens save the humans and what do they want from them? Sam being this macho man goes off to discover the aliens secret about the Dome and their intensions, and of course it isn't an easy task. Then we have Emma who is on her own mission but is unknowingly discovering pieces of the big puzzle.
With the alternating perspectives for each chapter, its interesting to see what Sam discovers that may be part of Emma's journey and what Emma discovers that may be part of Sam's journey. And their both doing all of this without knowing what each other are doing. This sort of works as a glue for their relationship. Emma and Sam both feel as if they have nothing in common but they unknowingly have this huge thing in common that is this journey to discover the truth about the aliens. Something that can very well save their lives.
This whole series has been sooo fun to write. I love aliens. I love dabbling in the science fiction world. I love fantasy and I love romance even more. To have all of that balled into one story is great for me and I hope you all think the story is great, too! Please check out the DOME (the DOME trilogy, #1) today and check out the DOMErevelation (the DOME trilogy, #2) on November 30th!
A special thanks to Kati Lear for letting me stop by and ramble about my baby!
Nova Sparks Author of the DOME (the DOME trilogy #1)

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Unknown said...

Can't wait for the final draft of Dome 2! This was a fun guest post, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I read the DOME not too long ago so for me it hasn't been a big break between the two, but I am sooo ready to pick back up with Sam and Emma.

Oh and Kati I might just steal...ahem...permanently borrow the way you put the calendar of events right there in the sidebar of the blog...provided more and more people wanna to guest posts with me.

Nova Sparks said...

THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! You're so great Will...

Pavarti!!! I'm upset with you! Where the heck have you been????

Rainy of the Dark (Rainy Kaye) said...

Good more in-depth look at the story. And your enthusiasm really comes through :)

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