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Friday, October 7, 2011

Follow Friday!

Q: If you could pick one character in a book, movie or television show to swap places with, who would it be?
A: I am, myself surprised by this answer but. I am happy where i'm at. If you would have asked me two months ago it would have been Stephanie Plum. Because I absolutely love her. But honestly right now I like being me because of my amazing boyfriend. He makes my day worth so much more then it use to be.


Kristan said...

Ahh sweet answer! I'm single so I'd love to switch places with some of these girl characters in a heartbeat just to get to the guys =)

New Follower!
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Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Novels On The Run said...

Awww, nice answer. I'm happily married 3 kids, dog and albino guinea pig, but.....I do like my answer, just some fictional dreaming:D


new follower

Kristy Berridge said...

Aww, that's too sweet, but I have to be honest, my answer was pretty similar. Happy #FF!

Frances said...

Aw nice answer. I chose characters but I am happy with my life as is. Interestingly the character I chose for TV has similar issues I deal with in my life. Maybe I was choosing what came closest to my life. New Follower from the hop. Congrats on the feature.

duchess_mommy said...

Hi, new follower stopping by for Follow Fridays! Congrats on being the featured blog.

Have a great week!

The Duchess Mommy Reads

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Ivana said...

Hi, new follower! Sweet, a quote comes to my mind "Being in love means not to have to dream anymore because reality is finally better than dreams"
Oh, and another one popped up "You give me the kind of feeling that people write novels about"
Enough quotes. Happy Friday!

Amy said...

Love your answer! :)

New follower.

SJ said...

I almost said the same thing... well that I'm happy where I am. Then I was like ah why not have fun with it. New Follower.

Unknown said...

Hopping through. Perfect Answer!
New Follower.

Jessica L. Tate said...

Aw, that is so sweet! ^_^

New Follower! Happy Follow Friday!
Jessica @ Thoughts At One In The Morning

Laura said...

That's a great answer :) Always be yourself! I'm a new follower, please check out my blog!


Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

aww! that's a very sweet answer!

'gratz on the feature! happy weekend! Here's PiF's.

Unknown said...

Awe...cute answer. And have you seen that they are making a Stephanie Plum movie? I have only read a few of the books, but Katherine Heigl is playing her! :)
I'm a new follower! See my FF answer over at Fuzzy.Coffee.Books

Anonymous said...

Nice answer. Yeah, though it would be nice to trade places with a more exciting girl sometimes, I'm with you. Something to consider, anyway.
My FF post is here. Have a good weekend!

Anna @ Literary Exploration said...

Awh I think it's sweet that you wouldn't change anything :) Good answer!

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Unknown said...

New follower here! Congrats on being a feature blog this week!

Hope you follow back!

Have a happy follow friday!

Readaholics said...

Hey Kati,
Love the blog name! I'm a new follower and I'm stopping by to say hi! Come over and say hi!
See Ya,
Readaholics Anonymous

Michael J. McCann said...

Best answer I've read yet. New follower, like your blog!

The Overnight Bestseller

Jo K said...

There are some amazing characters I'd switch place with.

New follower:)

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Kate said...

Such a sweet answer! New follower :)

Epic (Chocolate) Fantasy

roro said...

aww! that's a very sweet answer!

Michelle @ Book Briefs said...

awh that is so sweet. :) Great answer

Old Follower. :)

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Taylor said...

New follower hopping through!! :)

Just wanted to say congrats on being featured this week!!

Here's my FF: http://thoughts-of-an-endless-dreamer.blogspot.com/2011/10/follow-friday-16.html

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Shelagh said...

Hi Kati - congratulations on being one of this week's FF features!

That is a lovely answer and I'm really pleased you've found that special someone who makes you feel the same.

Shelagh (New Follower)
The Word Fiend - my FF

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the feature! New follower here. :)


Christin said...

Congrats on the feature! I'm a new follower here :) What a great answer - I hope to be able to say that one day!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

Hey there! New follower passing through. Just saw your review on The Book Thief, really need to pick that book up at some point I keep hearing amazing things about Zusak everywhere! Might start with I am the Messenger which is also supposed to be incredible.

If I had to swap places with a character (an I gave this some serious thought for about 30 seconds) It would have to be Veronica Hobbs from George Mann's Newbury and Hobbs series.

Güngör said...

Hi I am a new blogger and participant for Friday Follow!

I love your answer, it is so sweet. My answer is about changing places with some book lover characters=)

Bookingly Yours said...

nice answer. congrats on the feature and im your newest follower!
happy weekend!


25kati said...

Thank you everyone for your comments!

Ricky Peter said...

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