It's so hard to believe that we are so close to half way through the year! I am very close to meeting half of my reading goal. Currently hitting that snag. I hope everyone else I close to their goals!

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To contact us you will have to e-mail us at
Note: We are looking for guest posts and cover reveals. Tours are welcome for Kati. Thank you!

I am on instagram and Twitter. I have provided a link to my profiles when you click on the website names. Anything posted here also gets posted there. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to this page. 


Book types that we have a higher chance of accepting than others currently has a star by it.

Kati (ARC, Paperback, hardcover,
 Adult romance*
 Science Fiction
 Graphic Novels
 I do still really read almost anything.

Victoria: (ARC, Paperback, Hardcover):
 Historical *
 Romance *
 True Crime
 I will pretty much read anything!

  Updated: 2/9/2019

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