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Friday, March 15, 2019

Blitz: Breaking the Brat by Karma Kingsley

Title: Breaking The Brat
Author: Karma Kingsley
Publication date: March 15, 2019
Stars: 4

Summary: Charlie Dixon
“Down for a little choke & stroke. I got you.” That’s the profile of my last Tinder date, and he was oh-so-disappointing. His “choke” was more like a light tap to the neck, and I couldn’t even bear getting to the “stroke.”
The word “intimidating” is one I hear pretty often. From almost every man I meet.
After a half dozen Tinder fails and another dozen setups, I’m resigning from dating. I’ll never meet a man who can handle me.
In one last-ditch effort, I’ve let my best friend take me to one of her kink parties. Disappointment after disappointment have given me pretty low expectations, but then, I meet him. Angelo Tibéa. Tall, dark, with no fucks to give. He’s quite possibly exactly the man I’ve been waiting for.
Angelo Tibéa
I’m not the kind of man who dates. I don’t do dinners, I don’t do kisses and I definitely don’t take my sexual interests outside of the club. I built it for exactly that reason, to keep my darkness contained. But something about Charlie Dixon stirs up everything inside of me. I have to have her… No, more than that. I have to own her.

Review: The very first thing I need to say is if you don't like BDSM or erotica don't read this book. If you do... Oh my goodness this book was fantastic. It was a very quick read and where can I find me an Angelo? I had recieved this book a little late however the author stated the book was a quick read and how right she was. I finished the book in less than a day. It was so good, I honestly couldn't put it down.

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