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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Review: Note to Self by Andrew Milner

Title: Note to Self
Author: Andrew Milner
Publisher: Andrew Milner Books
Publication Date: March 4, 2018
Pages: 258 pages
Where to buy: Amazon
Stars: 3

Summary: Emily is rapidly approaching fifty and thinks her life is just plain sailing. 

When her husband leaves her for a twenty five year old and her dad dies, it leaves her facing an uncertain and lonely future. She has two friends, Sally who is a gold digger yet hopeless in love and the pretty but dippy Dawn a police officer, who each have their own issues for Emily to deal with. On top of that her mum who is easily confused, and refers to cappuccino as Al Pacino, needs her full attention. 

Just when things start to hit rock bottom she meets an Italian stallion who turns her head so far she cricks her neck. In actual fact he’s called Kevin and has probably never been to Italy, but with lessons learnt she decides that maybe the devil that she already knows isn’t so bad after all.


When I read the summary for the book I was kind of excited about it. Although the book doesn't particularly hit my age demographic I thought in some ways I could connect. Before I meet my current boyfriend I was with a serial cheater. This book was a bit difficult to go through. It was a real slow start. I tried to get into the characters mindset especially as I had been in her shoes in some aspects. It was a little difficult honestly. She was very negative. Although her "self notes" were cute. She seemed very self destructive. Rather than she was trying to build herself up. She didn't seem to have many supportive people around her. Her relationship with her father was the only supportive relationship and she lost it. Her focuses were not seeming to be in the right place. She did marry a real a**hole. That is one thing I can say for sure. Personally for this book I had to go to another book so I did not get behind on my reviews. It is not because this book is unreadable. It is because this book is very slow moving. I don't know if it is the age demographic or just the pace of this book. Maybe it is because this character has a really poor support system around her a very little love for herself but I found it, it relate-able in the fact of the cheating lovers (which were in the past) and that was about the extent. Yes, I have family I have to take care of but. I couldn't finish this book maybe at another point in life I will give it another shot but right now... I just don't think it is going to happen. If you find that the summary jumps out at you please give it a shot. Maybe it is for you, unfortunately it is not for me at this time. 

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