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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Review: Hidden by Kelli Clare

Title: Hidden
Author: Kelli Clare
Publisher: SparkPress
Publication Date: June 5, 2018
Pages: 328 pages
Where to buy: Amazon
Stars: 5 stars

Summary: Small-town Connecticut art teacher Ellie James finds the intense connection she’s longing for when she meets Will Hastings, a seductive Englishman with an alluring darkness. But just days later, her sister and grandmother are murdered and she must confront the unthinkable: is Will a man she can trust, a killer―or both?

After surviving a near-fatal attempt on her life, Ellie makes a desperate move: she takes her young niece Lissie and runs to England with Will. There, fiery passion becomes possession, London paparazzi call her by another name, and assassins of a secret society close in after the stunning truth about Ellie’s family is exposed. When Will suddenly disappears after putting a ring on her finger, Ellie must find the strength to elude assassins, disentangle herself from the haunting lies she’s lived for twenty-seven 


This cover kind of makes you think it is a YA novel... As the saying goes do not judge a book by it's cover. I was very excited to read. OH MY GOSH. The start of this book, the description the just. WOW. I honestly didn't know what to expect from this book because at the beginning so much had already happened. It had its grips in nice and firmly. There were it's moments of cheesiness. But by goodness I wish I could have dedicated a whole day to just reading this book. Every moment in-between calls I just took my time soaking up the words of this books and enjoying every moment. I love a lot of this book there is very few things I don't love about this book. I love the primal love between the two. I find the construct of the story line to be very interesting and something I've never heard of before. Some of it seems a bit... unbelievable but at the same time you want it to be real, not in the sense of someone's whole family being murdered. I have unfortunately been on the end of that where I never want someone to suffer through that but the romance they have. The immediate draw, the ability to protect those the love. I don't like in the synopsis how it says Will disappears.. at no point does he disappear his brothers know where he is the whole time. That's just misleading. Honestly the synopsis is meh but the book is amazing. The synopsis should have written better. I don't think it fits the book well at all. I think that's my biggest complaint about the book. 

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