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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Review: Daddy Darkest by Ellery Kane

Title: Daddy Darkest
Author: Ellery Kane
Series: Doctors of Darkness
Publisher: Ellery Kane Publishing
Publication Date: May 2, 2017
Pages: 358 pages
Where to buy: Amazon
Stars: 5 stars

Summary: Bury your secrets. Bury them deep... 
A month after her high school graduation, small-town-girl Samantha "Sam" Bronwyn boards a plane with her best friend, Ginny. Destination: San Francisco. But when Ginny disappears inside an airport bathroom wearing Sam's letterman jacket, it doesn't take her long to figure out she was the intended target. Alone in a strange city, Sam's on a run for her life--drawn into a dark past she never knew existed. A past where secrets aren't all that's buried and where revenge comes at the highest price. 

Who is Sam really--and who can she trust? The mysterious stranger in 4A who secreted a gun in his backpack? The guilty ex-con? The disarming FBI agent? Her own mother? 

Only one thing is certain. Someone is after her. Someone who knows more about her than she does. Someone who wants to teach her a hard lesson: There are worse things than murder. 

Daddy Darkest is a standalone and the first in the Doctors of Darkness series.


I really didn't know what to expect from this book. Honestly I was going to try to read the Price You Pay first as it's release date is coming up but once I started this one I simply couldn't stop myself. I was at work, I was watching Limitless with my boyfriend, in the car with my boyfriend. Even at my boyfriends friends house none of those things stopped me from reading this book. This book is so good and very unpredictable. Even though I generally don't like when books go back and forth between time periods they do it perfectly and it really assists on catching you up to speed on who is after Sam. Character wise I really like Sam and Levi. Ginny is a strong person but not my favorite in the book. This is honestly a well written well rounded book. At some points I really wish it would focus more on their present time and a little less on the past. I completely understand having to understand the past to be able to understand where the story is going but parts of the past seem almost unimportant. I absolutely cannot wait to read more of this series!

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