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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Review: The MacKade Brothers: Devin & Shane by Nora Roberts

The MacKade Brothers: Devin & Shane
By: Nora Roberts
Published by: Silhouette Books
Sold at: Barns and noble and Amazon
5 stars

The Heart of Devin MacKade:
                Devin MacKade knew it was his destiny to serve and protect the small town of Antietam, Maryland. And he always suspected his future should have little Cassie Connor in it. After Cassie married the wrong man, Devin tried to convince himself there would be other women, other loves. Now, after Cassie’s divorce, Devin can finally follow his heart. But can Cassie follow hers?
The Fall of Shane MacKade:
                Shane MacKade loved women. He loved the look of them, the smell of them, the taste of them – everything about them. So the last thing he expected was to become a one-woman man. And even more surprising was that it was the PH.D. –toting academic Rebecca McKnight that had him heading for a fall. Are Shane’s days as bachelor over? It’s a possibility…

Both stories in this one novel was truly a work of art. Nora Roberts, put such a love story on the table with the work of mystery to it. The first story, the way Devin never gives up his love and just moves on was extremely romantic. This romantic novel of true love, tears, sorrow, and fights, will have you on the edge of your chair. This story will keep you telling the characters what you want them to do. The second story is not only funny but a epic love story as well. Between Shane’s smart mouth and attitude and a woman that makes him miss a beat. Is well worth the read, this story will have you laughing along with crying. But not only does Roberts put modern day love story together, she has a way of intertwining the Civil War love stories as well. The way she makes the characters feel the past and makes the reader feel the past makes these stories a must read.

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