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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Witch Fire

Title: Witch Fire
Author: Laura Powell 
Publication date: 2013

Summary:  Lucas and Glory are hard at work in WICA (Witchkind Intelligence and Covert Affairs). As part of their training, they learn more about the witch-terrorist organization Endor. It is believed that Endor has infiltrated a boarding school for young witches in Switzerland, so WICA sends their two youngest agents—Lucas and Glory—to the school undercover. There, they learn more about an experimental brain implant that blocks the power of the fae. It’s a dangerous procedure . . . more so than they could ever have imagined.

Review: This book is freakin good! Must read! Amazing witch tale. About two young witches against the world (or so it feels to them). Awesome detective work.  I loved the first and I love this one. This one started out kind of slow and confusing but soon things clicked for me and I just couldn't put it down!

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