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Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: The Pact

Title: The Pact
Author: Jodi Picoult
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: 
 August 29, 2006
Reviewer: Stephanie

Summary: For eighteen years the Hartes and the Golds have lived next door to each other, sharing everything from Chinese food to chicken pox to carpool duty-- they've grown so close it seems they have always been a part of each other's lives. Parents and children alike have been best friends, so it's no surprise that in high school Chris and Emily's friendship blossoms into something more. They've been soul mates since they were born.

So when midnight calls from the hospital come in, no one is ready for the appalling truth: Emily is dead at seventeen from a gunshot wound to the head. There's a single unspent bullet in the gun that Chris took from his father's cabinet-- a bullet that Chris tells police he intended for himself. But a local detective has doubts about the suicide pact that Chris has described.

Review: The Pact is my first Picoult novel and probably not my last. The rating deserved more of a 3.5 so its been rounded up. The book falls into three sections and the first was more of a character building strategy while the other two delved into the issue at hand.

The first part of the story was difficult to read, I just could not engage into the lives of so many strangers at once. It was a little overwhelming and quite crowded. I sponged in what I could and continued on.

The second part is what I would consider the 'struggle' as all the characters are coping with the aftermath-aftermath of what happened. It was a very strong section with a lot of emotions that lingered on the surface. Each character was responding differently and some (i.e. James) was not responding at all.

The third part is what got me hooked. I loved the court case, the evidence, the witnesses all of that mumbo jumbo but I couldn't help but feel it was too much. As impressive as the information was, sometimes it became too much.

Overall the book was a great read. I already had painted what happened that tragic night on the carousel in my head and was just waiting for the jury to call the verdict. I knew the answer, I knew what had happened I knew that I was 100% right on my theory from the beginning of the book. Somehow my heart was pounding as I kept turning the pages near the end thinking to myself 'dear God, is he going to be guilty?' That is the thing I liked the most about this book, although already knowing the answer in my subconscious I still wasn't sure if Picoult would play to my end.

Another mention is some of the short flashback scenes in the book. Some were absolutely necessary, sending the readers some raw emotions of the characters. Others however I found were excess that didn't tell much about anything.

- Stephanie

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