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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review: Say Goodbye

Title: Say Goodbye
Author: Lisa Gardner
Publisher: Bantam
Publication Date: 
 July 15, 2008
Reviewer: Stephanie

Summary: Come into my parlor . . .

For Kimberly Quincy, FBI Special Agent, it all starts with a pregnant hooker. The story Delilah Rose tells Kimberly about her johns is too horrifying to be true—but prostitutes are disappearing, one by one, with no explanation, and no one but Kimberly seems to care.

Said the spider to the fly . . .

As a member of the Evidence Response Team, dead hookers aren’t exactly Kimberly’s specialty. The young agent is five months pregnant—she has other things to worry about than an alleged lunatic who uses spiders to do his dirty work. But Kimberly’s own mother and sister were victims of a serial killer. And now, without any bodies and with precious few clues, it’s all too clear that a serial killer has found the key to the perfect murder . . . or Kimberly is chasing a crime that never happened.

Kimberly’s caught in a web more lethal than any spider’s, and the more she fights for answers, the more tightly she’s trapped. What she doesn’t know is that she’s close—too close—to a psychopath who makes women’ s nightmares come alive, and if he has his twisted way, it won’t be long before it’ s time for Kimberly to . . .

Review: An arrested prostitute calls FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy, telling her that she has information for her. A john is taking prostitutes to his place and then putting poisonous spiders on them, forcing them to engage in other dangerous activities. Her friend Ginny has gone missing and she want Kimberly to stop the man.

Kimberly's associate, Sal Martingnetti is also worried. He tells her that he thinks someone is picking off hookers. Twice he's found the driver's licenses of three women stuck under his windshield wiper. The women were prostitutes and are missing. However, no bodies have been found so he cannot get his superiors to permit him to open a large scale investigation. Even though Kim is five months, pregnant, she agrees to help.

One night they follow Delilah down a road where they know Ginny's boyfriend had been murdered. They confront Delilah and she admits that she really is Ginny. She tells them that the john, she calls Dinchara, has a fetish for spiders. He gets a kick when someone shows fear and when he put a black widow spider on her and she did not scream, he let her live.

Kim and Sal must find a way to get Ginny to take them to Dinchara's and get enough evidence to convict him of his crimes. Then they learn that Dinchara has a teenage boy helping him and is grooming a younger boy to do the same. The FBI agents decide that they must stop Dinchara and rescue the boys.

The author knows suspense. This story will keep the readers mesmerized until the last page. The characters are well described. Kimberly and Sal are brave, honorable characters and Dinchara shows his evil, not only in his acts but in training young children to help him with their crimes.

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