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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: The Mark

Author: Jen Nadol
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication date: 2010
Pages: 228
Genre: fiction- supernatural
How received: Sent for review
Stars: 4 stars

Summary: Sixteen year old Cassandra Renfield has seen the mark since forever: a glow around certain people as if a candle were held behind their back.

The one time she mentioned it to someone else, the mark was dismissed as a trick of the light. So Cassie has kept quiet, considering its rare appearances odd, but insignificant. Until the day she watches a man die. Mining her memories, Cassie realizes she can see a person's imminent death. Not how or where, only when: today.

Cassie searches her past, her philosophy lessons, even her new boyfriend for answers, answers, always careful to hide her secret. How does the mark work? Why her?

Most importantly: if you know today is someone's last, should you tell them?

Review: This book is about a girl living in Kansas with her aunt that she never knew existed. She struggles with what she should do with her ability to see people marked to die. The beginning is a little confusing if only because my boyfriend was distracting me while I was reading. But as I moved on through the book I thought I could see why the grandma sent her to her aunts. I was wrong. This book is pretty difficult to put down once you start it. As I had finished this book I was very eager to start onto the next book. Let's hope it is as good as this one!

1-10 (low to high points)
Quality of writing: 8
Pace: 7
Plot development: 7
Characters: 8
Enjoyability: 7
Insightfulness: 7
Ease of reading: 7

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