Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Review: Tiger Paw by Charles A Cornell

Title: Tiger Paw
Author: Charles A Cornell
Publication Date: Febuary 24, 2012
Reviewer: Kati

Summary: In Tiger Paw, FBI profiler Scott Forrester hunts an assassin belonging to a demonic East Indian cult that is wreaking havoc on Wall Street, murdering corrupt CEO's at the center of a billionaire's stock scam. Firmly in the assassin's crosshairs, Scott Forrester is forced underground to stop the killing spree. But will he survive the deal he must make with the Devil to thwart the cult's plans? Tiger Paw is a thriller cloaked in mystery, psychological suspense and international intrigue. A story of people who have sold their souls in exchange for wealth and power. A story of greed, deception, and revenge. And a story of one man's struggle to triumph against the greatest evil he has ever faced.

Review: I am very happy that I agreed to review this book. The beginning started out kind of slow. But there were so many twists and turn towards the end. You were left guessing, held in suspence. You must pick this book up and read it!

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