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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: One For The Money

Title: One For The Money
Author: Janet Evanovich
Series: Stephanie Plum
Publisher: HarperTourch

Publication Date: June 2002

Summary: Trenton native Stephanie Plum is out of work, out of money, and her car's in repo-hell.So how does a hardly working girl turn to when the going gets tough? Meet cousin Vinnie, bail bondsman. Stephanie figures it's nice work if you can get it -- shagging bail jumpers for $10,000 a pop. So she joins up. Not that she knows the first thing about it. But hey, beggars can't be choosers.
But now the bad news -- there's a cranky ex-prize fighter dogging her, unfinished business with Maestro Morelli himself, and a nasty habit she has of leaping first and looking later. If Stephanie doesn't wise up fast, the first dead body she sees could be her own.

Review: I can't stand the differences between the movie ad the book. Way to many changes sadly I started this series at about the 8th one so I never got to enjoy the beginning of the series. I told my librarian that I loved the movie. She told me to check out the book and how she loved the beginning of Janet Evanovich's series. I tried it and regret it. You read the first book then watch the movie maybe you will have a different reaction. Foe those of you who have read the whole series what did you think of the first book?

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