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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: How to Eat a Cupcake

Title: How to Eat a Cupcake
Author: Meg Donahue
 HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 
 March 13, 2012
Reviewer: Elisa

Summary: Funny, free-spirited Annie Quintana and sophisticated, ambitious Julia St. Clair come from two different worlds. Yet, as the daughter of the St. Clair’s housekeeper, Annie grew up in Julia’s San Francisco mansion and they forged a bond that only two little girls who know nothing of class differences and scholarships could—until a life-altering betrayal destroyed their friendship.

A decade later, Annie is now a talented, if underpaid, pastry chef who bakes to fill the void left in her heart by her mother’s death. Julia, a successful businesswoman, is tormented by a painful secret that could jeopardize her engagement to the man she loves. When a chance reunion prompts the unlikely duo to open a cupcakery, they must overcome past hurts and a mysterious saboteur or risk losing their fledgling business and any chance of healing their fractured friendship. (
Review: My sister loaned it to me after her book club read and enjoyed it. I think they even had the author out to answer questions. This book is about a sister-type relationship with two characters who had a major falling out years before. They open a business together, work at repairing their rift and help each other figure out what needs figuring.  It covers sister issues, the relationship of employers and domestic employees and the power of communication and how it can affect your life in both positive and negative ways.  The point of view swaps between Annie and Julia so you know exactly what they are thinking and why.  The relationship is worked out fairly easily, and while there is some pain and the reader knows why, we don’t do a deep dark delve into either character.  The chapters are somewhat short so you feel like you race through this story, and the sad, angry and scary parts don’t drag on at all.  It makes a wonderful beach read and the cupcake descriptions sound amazing!  In fact, I really wish it offered a few of those recipes.  Yum!

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