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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Fair Game

Title: Fair Game
Author: Patricia Briggs
Series: ---
Publisher:  Ace
Publication Date: March 2012  
Reviewer: Elisa

Summary:  They say opposites attract. And in the case of werewolves Anna Latham and Charles Cornick, they mate. The son-and enforcer-of the leader of the North American werewolves, Charles is a dominant alpha. While Anna, an omega, has the rare ability to calm others of her kind. 

Now that the werewolves have revealed themselves to humans, they can't afford any bad publicity. Infractions that could have been overlooked in the past must now be punished, and the strain of doing his father's dirty work is taking a toll on Charles. 

Nevertheless, Charles and Anna are sent to Boston, when the FBI requests the pack's help on a local serial killer case. They quickly realize that not only the last two victims were werewolves-all of them were. Someone is targeting their kind. And now Anna and Charles have put themselves right in the killer's sights.

Review: I whipped through this book.  Charles is having a hard time being the pack enforcer and he has been pulling away from everyone, Anna included.  To give him a break from his duties, and to give him something positive to do, he and Anna go to work with the FBI to figure out who has been killing fae, werewolves and witches.  Holy moly!  Anna and Charles have an interesting dynamic, once they can start to work things out.  The new possible direction Briggs can take the series is exciting, a little paranomal procedural always works for me!  The magic and fae are dangerous and the criminal is bold and strong.  It is tense, sweet and funny.  I love this series and found this to be a strong addition.  If you like urban fantasy with a little romance thrown in, try out this series as well as the Mercy Thompson series (this is a spin-off from that one).  Since I love the series and found this to be an awesome book, I give it 5 stars.

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