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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors

Title: Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors
Author: Molly Harper
Series: Jane Jameson (#4)
Publisher: Pocket Star
Publication Date: Febuary 28, 2012

Summary: Just as unlife seems to be stabilizing for Jane Jameson, fate returns to sink its fangs and wreak havoc. Despite Jane’s almost-phobic approach to the process, wedding planning is going smoothly. But then Jane happens upon her former babysitting charge, Jamie Lanier, injured and dying outside of a bookstore. When Jamie asks her to turn him, she reluctantly does so and takes Jamie in at River Oaks at the Council’s insistence. Jane’s life is further complicated when Grandma Ruthie dies, only to return to haunt River Oaks. Outside the old house lurks an even more sinister presence. As the faceless threat draws closer, Jane begins to wonder whether she will ever make it down the aisle. Will their friends accept Jamie—the newest, somewhat annoying, addition to their little family? Will Jane ever feel like a nice girl again?

Review: I must say this last book was absolutley amazing! In a way I wish the series could go on forever. I'm quiet sad to see it end. But I did enjoy the last book very much. There were tons of crazy shocking moments. Which holds your attention through out. It was very fast paced and an amazing read. This whole series by Molly Harper is a must read!

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