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Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Make Me by Parker Blue

Title: Make Me
Author: Parker Blue
Series: ---

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Publication Date: April 20, 2012
How Received: Review

Summary: Val Shapiro has a secret she's desperate to keep-she's lost her slayer powers. 

As the new guardian of the Encyclopedia Magicka, Val expected the books to give her powers to replace those that disappeared after she lost her "V card" to Shade. But the encyclopedia exacts a price for every spell, making the job of guardian a tricky proposition. 

When a rogue demon kidnaps Val's roommate Gwen and Micah, leader of the San Antonio Demon Underground, Val is plunged into the middle of a Solomon's Choice. The rogue wants the dangerously potent Encyclopedia Magicka in exchange for her friends' lives; the succubus leader of the Demon Underground in Austin is demanding the books be destroyed rather than let them fall into the wrong hands and wants Shade for herself, swearing to do everything she can to prevent Val's turning over the books. 

The kidnapping isn't the only crisis Val faces. She's been betrayed by Fang. Demons and vampires are disappearing. The vamps of the New Blood Movement are forcing Val to keep the terms of her agreement to work for them to combat this new threat. The Demon Underground is challenging Micah's leadership, and everyone is depending on a now-powerless Val to set things right. 

Val needs all the help she can get. Even if it means forgiving Fang and spending time with a dangerously sexy cowboy-vampire.

Review: It took me a little while to get into this book. I'm not sure if it is because I held such high expectation for it or if it really did become quiet slow. I know it has almost been a year since I have read the first three books but there's just something about it that makes me not want to continue on with it. I really want to like it, heck I really want to love this book but from where the book left off in the last book I just don't know if that's possible. Because in the last book Val lost all the thing's that made her the "Slayer" Which is why I loved her, she was strong, funny, and she had a don't mess with me attitude. Now she just seems weak and desperate. I don't like to see character's with this kind of weakness. It take's so much from the book and the character's. Sure everyone hit's a low point at sometime but it just disappoint's me to see it now. Plus, she has gone through two guy's in two book's sometimes. I just want to see a happy ending.

Now there's Fang and Princess, yes that's right i'm talking about the dog's. Fang, boy I never have anything bad to say about Fang. I love him. But Princess is needy, selfish and so very annoying. I think this book has reached the point of to many annoying character's. Sure Fang and Princess's love story is cute but there's a point where it's just to far. Like why can Princess talk? I just don't remember that. 

I'm very sad that I couldn't get into this book. But I hope that if you read it you will be able to. I loved this series and I'm still not ready to give up on it. So I hope none of you do either.

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