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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Review: The Good Neighbors Book Three: Kind

Title:The Good Neighbors: Kind
Author: Holly Black
Illustrator:Ted Naifeh
Series: The Good Neighbors (#3)
Publisher: Graphix
Publication Date: October 11, 2012
How Received: Purchased
Rate: 5

Summary (as quoted from Amazon): Holly Black and Ted Naifeh weave another masterful mix of fantasy and the unexpected.
After biding their time, the faeries have taken control of the human world. The fey and mortals might not be such good neighbors after all.
Rue's world is fragmenting. The fey have taken over her city, and now the humans must share. Her grandfather is gone. Her faerie mother is triumphant. Her human father is despondent. And her boyfriend? He would rather be eaten alive by mergirls than be with Rue.
Tension between the humans and faeries is growing, and Rue feels pulled in both directions. In some ways, she feels like her place is in the human world-with her friends, her father, and the humans who want to protect themselves. But then there's her fey half-with her beautiful, dangerous mother, the faeries, and her kinship with the natural world. Can Rue fix the rift between the fey and the humans? Or does she have the courage to continue her grandfather's interrupted plan?

My thoughts:
The Good Neighbors is one of the best graphic novel series I've read in a long time, and this last installment did not disappoint. Rue, our main character and half fae, is being forced to stay underground with her crazy Faery Mother, who is trying to teach her to stay away from the humans. Rue, however, is still searching for a way to fix her human city, which, thanks to her deceased grandfather, Aubrey, has become overrun with the Fae. Humans are slowly turning insane, and soon enough they will all be dead... Unless Rue can find a way for both Fae and Mortals alike to live without there being bloodshed. Rue knows that there must have been more to her grandfather's plan than she thinks - and that his true intentions could save them all.

With the help of Dale, Rue's human boyfriend, Tam, the love of her life, and the rest of her friends, Rue will discover the answer she's been searching for, and find a way to save both the Fae and the a great personal cost.

Rue is such a great heroine. She's real, gritty, sarcastic, and intelligent. Quick to act and quick to regret, she's both human and Fae, vicious and vulnerable... Everything that makes a relatable, likable, entertaining  character. Dale was very complex. At times, I would think he was a total butt-head, but at others, I could completely understand the choices he made and how difficult it was for him as a human to be surrounded by such scary, intimidating, magical creatures all the time. Tam was the opposite of Dale ; sweet, compassionate, and willing to do anything for Rue - The perfect leading man. Still, he had his jealous moments, which usually added some very sweet comedy and romance to the story. Lucy and Justin, Rue's best friends, were amazing, funny, and just plain awesome. They added a lot of funny moments to the story and were really there for Rue when it counted. Rue's mother was terrifying as usual, and the creatures were drawn in such a way that you really do feel like you are in the story.

Good Neighbors Book 3: Kind, is an awesome, quick read, rich with fantasy and adventure; I recommend it to any fan of Faerie books and graphic novels.

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