Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review: Kiss of Frost

Title: Kiss of Frost
Author: Jennifer Estep
Publisher:  KTEEN  
Publication Date: 
November 29, 2011 
How Received: Review

Reviewer: Kati

Summary: At Mythos Academy, teen warriors in the making train to take up their roles protecting humankind. With her snarky, self-deprecating voice and strange gift of psychometry - the ability to know an object's history just by touching it - Gwen Frost is an outsider both to the students of the Academy and the rest of the world. But now that she's taking private tutoring with the Academy's most notorious young Spartan, and has Nike's own sword to protect her, she's ready to make mark...

Review: Kiss of frost was great. Fast paced and action packed. Romance and danger. This series is turning into something quiet amazing I cant wait to read dark frost! Hope for those of you reading this series as well like it as much as I do. Gwen is my favorite character!

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