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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Post: Who Should I choose?

Who Should I Choose?
Three ways to successfully execute a love triangle

One of the big controversies of urban fantasy novels is that they usually have two or more love interests. Some readers will only buy books with love triangles. Others detest them.
I am a great fan of love triangles, but I have found some stories with horrific executions. After reading hundreds of urban fantasy novels, I’ve come up with three ways to successfully execute a love triangle.

Unfortunately, both guys can’t have the heroine, but there should be a positive ending for the loser. I hate novels that leave the defeated love interest empty-handed. Therefore, the author should give the loser his own possibility of love. Great examples of this are the Twilight series and the Patricia Briggs’s Mercedes Thompson series.
The heroine can’t gloat and/or mistreat her multiple love interests. At times, she should be conflicted about having two gorgeous men. Then we, the readers, won’t want to beat the lucky female with a bat. Rachel Vincent’s Werecat series is a great example of the humble heroine.
Neither guy should be absolutely perfect. If one was totally awesome and the other a jerk, then the decision would be too easy. Each hero should have an equal amount of positive and negative qualities. The Sookie Stackhouse series is a great example of equally flawed heroes.
My own attempt at executing the perfect love triangle.
My urban fantasy novel Fire Baptized involves a love triangle. After my main character Lanore stumbles upon a murder and catches the killer’s attention, she gets assistance from her ex-boyfriend MeShack and new mysterious friend Zulu. Both gorgeous guys are complicated heroes that are deserving of Lanore’s love. Throughout the book, she struggles with her feelings for both men.

I’ve provided two excerpts from Fire Baptized that introduces each love triangle hero. Additionally check out the photos that inspired my characters!
First Excerpt
A creaking sound announced MeShack’s door was opening.
Like a slow river, baby,” MeShack sang. His voice was a musical instrument, sending smooth liquid tones through the apartment. “So slow, you run through my heart.”
He bent his copper-toned body under the doorway’s frame.
Like a slow river, baby.” He wrapped a pink towel with yellow flowers around his waist and closed the door. Drops of sweat clung to the rows of muscle on his stomach. “You run through my heart. Like a slow--”
Would you stop? You’re going to get that song stuck in my head.” I glared at him. His skin glowed like honey poured over layers of caramel. His black pupils blazed within hazel irises. I looked away and asked, “Is Joanne asleep?”
Is that her name?”
I rolled my eyes and nodded.
Yeah, she’s asleep.” He walked in a bowlegged stride toward me, bent down to kiss my X brand, and snatched the joint from me. “Cool shirt. The hot Were-cheetah that bought you that shirt must be a comedic genius.”
Or a pre-med geek who thinks he’s funny,” I muttered. The shirt I’d put on after my shower read, “I wish I was an Ion so I could form an exothermic bond with you.”

Second Excerpt from another chapter
Seconds later, I spied Zulu stomping my way. The security lights shone on his X brand. His blond dreadlocks hung beyond his broad shoulders, slapping around his elbows. He wore no shirt, just indigo jeans that hung low and framed perfect abdominal muscles. Multicolored cords were sewn into his ivory skin, in a swirly pattern that stopped at his wrists. It had to have been pretty painful when he’d gotten it done. With each furious stomp, his muscles bulged under the cords.
Fuck. He was pissed. I stood up, told Bernie I would be back, and headed toward Zulu.
What are you doing here?” I held my hands out to my sides.
You forgot about our date,” Zulu growled, his voice deep with a dominant edge. It was why Supernaturals, or Supes as they were most often referred to, stopped and listened when he spoke at MFE rallies.
Zulu, it wasn’t a date.”
He narrowed his eyes. Usually they were a blend of dark blue and gold, reminding me of the dawn’s sun as it peaked through the habitat’s ceiling. Tonight, his eyes were midnight black. His gaze was like the sharp edge of a sword pulled out for battle.
I took a step back and cleared my throat. “We were just going to talk about what happened.”
He raised his blond eyebrows. “You mean when I had you on my desk, dress lifted, shirt ripped, and your lips on mine?”
Fine. When we kissed.” I bit my lip.

Kenya Wright is the author of urban fantasy novel Fire Baptized.
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Kenya Taylor Wright said...

Thanks so much for letting me do this article! I love Love Triangles in novels, and had alot of fun with this!

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