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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guest Post: How To Resist… Hades

How To Resist… Hades
If you read Sirenz, then you know that Hades is hot, haute, and haunting. He wants to make a deal with you. Don’t fool yourself—it works solely to his benefit—and you’d best beware. Both Meg and Sharisse found out the hard way that wishing yourself out of trouble can only get you into more. Here are some rules and reminders that’ll help you from becoming a victim (even though you *might* be willing!).

  1. Just. Say. No. Really, for Hades, it’s all in the chase, and once the prey is captured, well, you get the idea. And know that even though he could make it seem that way, you’re not the only one who’s ever—or will ever—capture his attention. Shar is smart and always shows Hades the hand—even though it would be tempting to whisper yesssssssssss, which brings us to #2…
  2. Know when to nod. To avoid going to prison for life, maybe it is better to make a deal with Hades. For a luxury apartment, unlimited wealth, and super powers—you have to decide your price point. Remember, everything has a cost and a consequence.
  3. Play, but don’t get played. Meg’s not into games—the result? Getting into a battle of wits with the Lord of the Underworld—and we must say, Meg holds her own. Shar, on the other hand, chooses to dabble—you’ll see more of this in Sirenz Back In Fashion—where she must outwit Hades, or at least keep up. He’s wily, and charming, and mischievous; all attractive qualities, but when your soul is forfeit if you lose the game, better be careful! Don’t be quick to make promises—string him along.
  4. Smell the deception. Smoke and mirrors, tiny white lies, and what’s left unsaid… Fortunately, subtlety isn’t one of Hades’ best qualities—and you can use this to your advantage. The over-the-top temptations he throws at Shar gives her strength to resist. He tries to buy Meg with a concert treat… He knows what you want, and has the means to give it to you—but you know what HE wants, and he’s itching to have it. Don’t be dazzled by Greeks bearing gifts.
  5. Consider his family… Really, would you want his mother-in-law Demeter breathing down your neck for eternity? That’s if Persephone doesn’t find a way to turn you into dog treats for Cerberus. Hades’ in-laws are worse than any human’s, and let’s not even discuss the other gods. Consider that if you hook up with Hades, you hook up with the entire pantheon. And then…
  6. Consider yours (family). If Hades zips you around the world, drops everything you’ve ever dreamed of at your feet, and makes your mouth water because he is the epitome of hotness, ask yourself, “What would my mother say?” This will put out some of that fire—before you get burned!
  7. They call it the Underworld for a reason. Yes, it has its pleasures and wonders. (More on that in Sirenz Back In Fashion), but don’t be fooled. It’s not all ambrosial fields. Immortality can be wearying (just ask a vampire). It’s not all hell, but it ain’t heaven either!
  8. Must be a dog lover. A BIG dog lover—and we use the term loosely. Cerberus isn’t your average pup. Think slobber, kibble and, um, poop—x1000. Yeah. We think even the AKC might have a hard time with that one.
  9. A deal’s a deal. And Hades does insist on signing in blood, making your agreement totally legal and binding for all eternity. There is no way out.
  10. Buh-bye summer—and the rest of the year If the above items aren’t reason enough to resist, remember that you’ll be missing Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and every BBQ and beach party during the summer when you’re entertaining Hades. And then you’ll miss Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Boxing Day and everything in between when he tucks you someplace safe to keep you out of Persephone’s reach.

Keep this checklist handy for quick reference. When Hades saunters by, all hot and delicious and bad-boyish, you can (and should) say, “Thanks for the offer, but No!”

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