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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: A Marked Past

Title: A Marked Past
Author: Leslie Deaton
Publisher: CreateSpace
Release Date: 9.28.11
Pages: 356

Lyla Mercer’s life changed the moment her dad was murdered, and again when she heard that she could be next. Forced to move to Salem for safe keeping, Lyla soon discovers her family has a dark history in the small town, and when a glossy black moon appears on the back of her neck she becomes the newest part of that legacy. Her family is marked and being hunted, but Lyla may be just the weapon they need to survive. Lyla attempts to ignore the danger, pretending to be normal, but whispers and rumors follow her everywhere. She thinks nothing can ever be normal for her again until she meets Caleb, the minister’s son, and the absolute wrong boy to be dating a witch. He’s everything she wants to be, just a normal kid from a normal family. At least that’s what she thinks, but nothing is as it seems in Salem. Caleb has secrets that rival her own. Until recently, her father's murderer has managed to keep his true identity a secret, but when Lyla uncovers the truth about him, nobody is safe, especially her.

This is an excellent book. 

Lyla Mercer is your typical teenager who loves her boyfriend, hangs out with her best friend and is considered popular. But everything changes when her father is killed in a hit and run, and her mother is so devistated by his death, that she decides they should move from Chicago to Salem. Just like any teenager, Lyla HATES the fact that she has to leave her bestfriend, her boyfriend, and everything she knows and loves. 

Once in Salem, she finds it fairly easy to make new friends and even find out that she has family that she had never met or even knew existed. 

Then she receives a mark on the back of her neck and along with it, abilities that she would have thought were impossible. But along with her new abilities, she learns that her family has many secrets that need to be kept a secret. Why? Because Lyla learns that her father didn't just die, but that he was murdered, and what could be worse than that? Learning that she, and her entire family could be next on the killers list. 

In this book, you find that the "good guys" might be bad, the "bad guy" isn't just bad, he's evil, and Lyla's new boyfriend Caleb just might be caught somewhere in the middle.

I found myself up at all hours of the day unable to put down this book. Leslie Deaton did an amazing job of finding the perfect combination of romance, mystery, nostalgia, and of course, the paranormal. I can't wait to read book to in this series since A Marked Past finishes very well with a nice cliffhanger.


5 of 5 stars. This book does have it's gramatical errors, but nothing you cant overlook. The book itself is excellent. I'll be looking forward to book 2 in the series and any other books Leslie might have on the way as well. Great Job Leslie!


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WOW! This is going on my to-read list ASAP.

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