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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

*Note: Thoughtful Thursday is for those books that we have yet to review and have been published more then a year ago.... No worries we will still review it but were just spotlighting it.*

Sweet Treats & Secret Crushes by Lisa Greenwald
Pub date: November 1, 2010
Publisher: Amulet
Summary: When a blizzard threatens to ruin Valentine’s Day, three seventh-grade friends make and distribute fortune cookies to their lonely neighbors—and confront the secrets they’ve been keeping from one another.

Confident Kate doesn’t notice much but the latest gossip, and shy Georgia can’t say out loud what’s always on her mind. They’re joined by observant, careful Olivia, whose epic, single-minded crush on PBJ (real name: Phillip Becker-Jacobs) is starting to frustrate the other two. Using fortune cookies that mysteriously always seem to speak directly to the person who opens them, the three girls try to work together to bring some love to their building, while reminding each other why they’re such good friends to begin with.

With all the right ingredients to appeal to tween girls, this is an irresistible confection from an emerging talent.

The Ninja Librarian Has said: This is one of those books that feels easy, fun, and breezy. A perfect summer read - even though it's set on Valentine's Day. But it's such a cute story, I'd read it anytime.

The story is about three seventh grade girls who live in the same apartment building in Brooklyn. During a huge snow storm, they decide to pass out fortune cookies to everyone in the building. In doing this, they meet lots of interesting characters and make some fun connections. There's also a huge emphasis on their individual crushes and how that tears them apart - or how they seem to be growing apart a little bit.

There is something about this book that really reminds me of my seventh grade years. No, I didn't live in an apartment. No, we never had snowstorms. But there's always something universal about your first huge crush and how much it really pulls you in. And how much it annoys your friends. :) There's just a real truth about the story... even if it is cute-ified.

I really think this book will appeal to middle school girls. It's perfect for their age group and it's a cool story for those who wish they were Brooklynites. I, personally, loved all of the people they met in the building. And wished for a Chinese food restaurant in the bottom floor of our building. Ahem. But what a really cool idea - and it's a huge part of the story. I just loved it.

It's a fast, easy read. Great for girls. Boys will probably think it's ridiculous. Or wish they were as awesome as girls. Either way, it's a fun book. It will take you back, if you're older... and make you thankful for great friendships no matter how old you are. For those looking for semi-romance, but more focus on friendship, this is a perfect story.

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