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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello Lovely Readers!

Sometimes, I just want to say hello. I hope to get the blog in a bigger swing I know we have kept up with the reviews pretty good considering that we worked on writing during NaNo WriMo! PS. Congrats to Moujnir for completing it!

We may have a few good changes coming up!

In January, There should be a month long giveaway for...... Our blogs birthday!!!!! Aren't you excited?!?!? I know I am! I will get the giveaway list together VERY soon! 

In December, I will be doing A Lot of Christmas Reviews and I will be temporarily changing the banner and background to make it a little more Christmas-y. 

This month (December) You will begin to notice that we have (re)started W.O.W and Teaser Tuesday. We are also going to be featuring older books as well. It will be called "Thoughtful Thursdays". I will try to get back on the IMM bandwagon soon. As well as doing the Magic Lamp Fridays.

Kati and Moujnir

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