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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Heir to Power by Michele Poague

Author: Michele Poague
Series: The Healing Crystal
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: December 27, 2010
How Received: For Review
Rate: 3

Summary: (as quoted from Amazon) e colony of Survin has been hidden for centuries, protecting an ancient religious artifact called the Healing Crystal from men who would steal or destroy it. Kairma, heir to the Crystal, is destined to mate with the handsome Naturi and become the leader of the reclusive colony, but she is too young to realize the peril soon to arrive. At sixteen, Kairma is too young to realize many things ....
Kairma would rather go spelunking with her brother and his best friend than study ancient medicine and religious laws, but the discovery of a tomb containing ancient artifacts leads Kairma to question her religion and the true nature of the Crystal. To further complicate Kairma's ascent, a childhood illness has left her resembling a nearby race of men both hated and feared by the people of Survin. Because of this, Kairma's younger sister Kinter, who is in love with Naturi, believes she is the rightful heir.
Disease and infertility have decimated Survin, but bigotry and religious laws forbid the introduction of new members so things heat up when a traveling archeologist stumbles upon the reclusive colony and introduces a powerful new weapon. Forced into a larger world, the Survinees discover they hold an object of unimaginable power, a power other men covet, a power that might save or forever damn the human race.
My thoughts:
Heir to Power was an alright read. The story follows sixteen year old Kairma, and the trials and plight that come to her as she prepares to become ‘heir to the Crystal’. I admire Kairma’s strength, and I think that she is a very smart, yet vulnerable, heroine. There was definitely a long list of main characters and some really sweet romance throughout the story. But, for me, there was a little too much detail in the book. I felt as if I were reading a book about background settings in fantasy instead of reading a book that’s story was set in a fantasy world. Of course, this is simply my opinion, and I am sure many other readers will enjoy this book. But, for me, the descriptive writing and multiple points of view made it too hard for me to follow the story properly enough to enjoy it.

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