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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Please help me out!!!

I'm writing this story and I need some regrets that you would never want anyone to have to go through.
Mine are:
Being 100% honest 100% of the time. It just alienates yourself.
Dating the first boyfriend twice. (Huge Mistake)
Running away from home (only makes things worse)

What are yours? I need as many as possible please!


Maryann Nixon said...

(these are not all my regrets just trying to help)
If you are writing about teens I'm sure a lot have either gotten drunk/ other illegal things under age or even self harmed and regretted. Because the scars never go even if you grow out of it.
Umm, breaking someones heart?
Rebeling against your parents but when your older you realize they were just protecting you.

Cait said...

Mine probably are:
Not trying as hard as I could in exams
Not getting enough relevant work/voluntary experience
Being too forgiving
Taking too long to get over an ex boyfriend and wasting 6 months of my life in the process

Hope they help, they're pretty boring regrets :P

M.A.D. said...

Hmm. To me, the biggest regrets I have are for the times when I acted out of ego/emotions instead of doing what was right for ME.

While not necessarily event-specific, it's something we are all guilty of yet often not aware of our behavior.

ALWAYS act from your highest center, doing what you know to be right for yourself.

Jessica said...

My is not being trusting enough with my boyfriend, yeah huge fights with that one.

The other one is emotional tantrums over insignificant things (comments taken the wrong way or acting like a witch for no reason).

Hope that helps.

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