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Friday, September 2, 2011

Credo's Hope - Excerpt

The call police officers dread the most is the one where they have to deal with a fellow officer being shot. In this excerpt from the first Alex Wolfe Mystery, Credo’s Hope. Alex is called out to find the suspect who shot one of her good friends, Sgt. Jack Dougherty.

My pager buzzed just as I was giving Tessa her evening meal. I
found my cell phone and called Kate. Her voice shook with emotion
when she first spoke; then she made a conscious effort to steady
herself. "Alex, Jack Dougherty was shot about a half-hour ago. He's
in surgery at UMC. He checked out on traffic and said he thought
Rafael Rodriguez was in the vehicle. A citizen called in and said we
had an officer down in the street. That's all we know."

A burning sensation started in my chest and raced down into the
pit of my stomach. "Where do you need me?"
"They're calling in the K9 units. I need you with one and Casey
with the other since both of you can identify Rafael." She was on her
way and said she still needed to call Casey. I made sure Tessa was
settled, then jumped into my car and broke every traffic law to get to
the scene on time.

As I approached the area, I wound my way through marked
police cars and other detective vehicles parked haphazardly in the
streets. I badged the young officer controlling foot traffic into and out
of the area. He tucked his flashlight under his arm, held my I.D. under
the light, and compared my face to the picture on the card. "I hope
you catch the bastard, Detective Wolfe." He handed the card back and
pointed to his right. "You can park behind that red Nissan. You'll
have to walk the rest of the way to the scene."

I pulled my car into the spot he indicated and got out. My
bulletproof vest was in my trunk, and I took a minute to get it out and
strap it on. The scene was about two blocks away so I grabbed my
flashlight and started hiking.

Crime scene tape surrounded Jack's patrol car. A black SUV, the
driver's door standing open, was parked in front of Jack's cruiser. Two
K9 handlers stood off to the side talking to a uniform sergeant and a
lieutenant. I walked over next to them and adjusted one of the straps
on my vest.

The sergeant finished what he was saying to the handlers and
turned to me. "Hey, Alex. We're waiting for Casey to get here; then
we'll give all four of you a full briefing. We don't know if he's still in
the neighborhood, but it's worth a try.

"Any news on Jack?"

The sergeant crossed his arms. "He's still in surgery.” He held
my eyes for a second. “I heard the bullet missed his vest and went

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