Saturday, August 20, 2011

Magic Lamp Friday

So this is a meme hosted by Ya-Aholic. 
  • It's called If I had a Magic Lamp Friday or for short MLF. 
  • For MLF you will post that if you had a magic lamp what would you wish for?  It can be anything from meeting your favorite author, wishing you had a book way before it was released, or well anything! 
Yes I have missed a lot of these so let me get caught up!
Wish 1: I want to finish what I started aka, The stories all over my room and computer.
Wish 2: I wish we had another Assistant on this blog.
Wish 3: I wish I could for once have a not cursed birthday (if you want to know what I mean ask)
Wish 4: I wish I could complete a few of my series on my wishlist.
Wish 5: I wish I was in college already
Wish 6: I wish I had a job.

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