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Thursday, August 25, 2011


HEY!! Do you know what today is?? August 25, 2011!! Right you are!
But it is also my birthday!! My 18 birthday to be exact!
Today I am allowed to buy cigarettes, Get a tattoo, More jobs are opened up to me and I can do a lot more on the blog! Plus I can now go for my temps with out taking Drivers Ed and I can Hmm what else can I do? Any ways, of course I will never buy Cigarettes and I can't wait to get a job. But I am 18 and that is something to celebrate!
Now I have begone to notice that a lot of bloggers giveaway books on there birthday!
That's not me sorry the blog has its birthday on January 1.
Plus I will be moving three states over soon so I need to keep my money. But I will have more information about that in time.
Today is my day!
Hope where ever you all are you are enjoying yourself!
I hope I will too!!


Ellen Elizabeth said...

Hi! Happy Birthday! My Birthday is today too actually, I turn 20! (: I'm actually going to do a give away on my blog, if you want to check that out! (:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Escape by Fiction said...

Happy Birthday! Smoking's bad and only get a tattoo where you can hide it if you want. Good luck finding a job now that new possibilities are open to you.

Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction

25kati said...

Thank you all for your birthday wishes/comments!

joannie said...

Hi HAPPY BIRTHDAY the day finally arrived. Do you feel 18? Lol always did right! Wait till your older. Now it starts coming faster but not till your are 21 so still enjoy being young please. Today my sister and Grandaughter birthday with you. Make a great evening out of it. Thanks for the review. Joannie jscddmj at aol dot com

DANIELA said...


Denise Z said...

Happy Birthday lovely - enjoy the adventure :)

marybelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May all your wishes come true.


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