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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Angel of Death

Author: Karen Dales
Series: The Chosen Chronicles
Publisher: Dark Dragon Publishers
Publication Date: May 15, 2009
How Received: For Review
Rate: 4

Summary: (as quoted from Amazon) The Vampires of London are being murdered and only the Angel of Death can save them. When Father Paul Notus is captured and threatened with a gruesome death by the Mistress of London and her Vampires, the Angel is forced into a dark world of murder and deception to discover who is killing the Vampires of Britain. Forced into a partnership with the Noble Fernando de Sagres, a vampire of sadistic tastes, and joined by the beautiful and mortal Jeanie Stuart, the Angel seeks out who is behind these killings. Plagued by demons from his past and his increasing affections for Jeanie, the Angel walks a fine line between his heart and his fears. He discovers the culprits but at a high cost - the irrevocable discovery of what he truly is and the Destruction of one he loves.
My thoughts:
Angel of Death was a very entertaining read. The book, told through multiple viewpoints, is a beautiful balance of horror, mystery, and romance. The story starts when a man - know as "the Angel" - is forced to accept a summons to the Vampire Court, as they have kidnapped his Chooser, Notus. There, he, and another vampire (normally called Chosen) are thrust into a mission to discover who has been tainting human beings blood, and rendering Chosen unable to feed. As the Angel and Fernando - the other Chosen - search for an answer, along with Jeanie, the Angel's housekeeper, they find that not is all as it appears to be. I especially loved Karen's ability to write such a mysterious, well crafted story. Also, having Fernando, a seemingly cold-blooded killer, pair up with the Angel, a Chosen who despises bloodshed, called for a lot of funny moments that had me laughing out loud. Jeanie's Scottish accent was adorable, and her iron-will and determination made her both a relatable young girl and an amazing heroine at the same time. The only thing I think could've been improved in the novel is the punctuation, as well as sentences that seemed like they should be rearranged as to be clearer to the reader. Besides that, Angel of Death was a very thrilling read, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next installment, Shadow of Death.

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