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Monday, July 18, 2011

Verso Clip Light

Who makes it: Lightwedge
Review: First off I have to say thank you to Light Wedge for donating the clip light and Kindle cover. I love them! When I first received the light I opened it and put it on the cover and brought my kindle to the darkest place in the house. The light is way brighter then anyone would have ever thought its not one of those light where you have to get super close to be able to see it no it is really bright! It reflects weird on the kindle but it does help you see a whole lot better with it. Although it says its for E-Readers it also works wonders on physical books. The clip is strong and sturdy, I love how adjustable the neck is, and I can't wait to see how long the batteries last me! The package it comes in is nice and easy to open. The light comes in four different colors, white, back, blue and , red. I also like how small it is. I'm sure you all know the saying bigger is better, well not in this case. This tiny light shines bright, it goes far and it works like a charm. All of those amazing components for only 14.99! All in all, this is one amazing product. To all you book lovers this is defiantly to clip light to get.

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