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Friday, July 29, 2011

Updates, help needed, important information!

For this blog Moujnir and I should be back and in the swing of things soon! We have some tours coming up! I'm working on Guardian of the Dead and The Prophecy of the Sisters Trilogy as well as The Juliet Spell, Tris and Izzy, My Life Undecided, Citizen out, Imaginary Girls, and Gracie and the Preacher. I am currently unaware of what Moujnir is reading but I know she has a lot of reviews she is writing. She just got done with Fast Draft. So I hope she relaxes a bit and I am super sick so all I do all day is sleep or read. I hope to get better soon and I hope you all understand we are just Teenagers! We are currently looking for helpers on three blogs! 

Jagged Edge Reviews - We need reviewers and possible interviewers I also need more people helping me get authors for interviews and guest posts. But mainly I need reviewers. I do get a lot of offers, I will also give you access to all my e-books.
Up All Night - I need anyone who can review anything other then books because those are on Jagged Edge. It can be movies, Tv shows, Resturants, Clothing, etc.
US Book Giveaways - I need to people to add giveaways for the US and International areas.
If you can help in any area please e-mail me at!

For those of you who love reviews of any sort and like Moujnir and my (Kati) reviews please check out and Follow Up All Night! It may not mean a lot to you but it really means a lot to us! So help us out! Also the blog will have it's first Giveaway on August 1st. So make sure to share that with everyone as well! Thank you guys very much!


Ottilie Weber said...
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Cassandra said...

Great opportunity for anyone!

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