Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Try Me

Author: Parker Blue
Series: Demon under ground series
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Published date: February 19, 2010
How Recieved: For Review
Rate: 5

Summary: This part-demon teen vampire fighter and her faithful terrier hellhound are once again patrolling the dark city streets of San Antonio, Texas. Val's hunky human partner, Detective Dan Sullivan, is giving her the cold shoulder since she beheaded his vampire ex-fiancée. Vamp leader Alejandro is struggling to keep the peace between vamps, demons and humans. The mucho powerful Encyclopedia Magicka has been stolen, someone in the Demon Underground is poisoning vamps, and Val's inner lust demon, Lola, is getting very restless since Val's now partnered with sexy Shade, the shadow demon with the blond good looks of an angel. The second book in Parker Blue's Demon Underground urban fantasy series plunges readers deeper into a heady world of passion, friendship, intrigue and mystery. Parker Blue lives in the wilds of Colorado with her own faithful hellhound, and she's hard at work on the next Val Shapiro book in the Demon Underground series.

Review: I have to be honest the beginning of this book really hurt. I really connect with val and I completely understand how she feels. And I like her with dad so when there's this new girl just really dont like it. Makes me made and sad. But I still love her dog! I believe this series gets better with each book. Try Me is just as amazing as Bite Me if not better! It has the huge life changing decisions, the spicy romances, and the hunt for the bad guys. Must read not only this book but the whole series. Oh I almost forgot I LOVE SHADE!

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