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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's day

Tomorrow is Fathers day and I plan on taking advantage of it. I'm taking my day to 5 Guys: Burger and Fries, and a movie. All of which is a surprise, at least to him. I am unsure if we should go to Pirates 4 or Super 8. Super 8 got amazing reviews but he has never heard of it. I think it's his cup of tea. And there's Pirates I've heard terrible reviews, and he wants to see it. Should I waste money on a movie he wants to see but is most likely to suck or a movie I know he will love and has amazing reviews?

Tell me your opinion. Thanks!

Also Bookshelf tour will be up soon.

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Mandi said...

I think going with Super 8 would be risky, but really worth it if he loves it! And Pirates would probably disappoint him.... so go with Super 8. I think he will be happy either way!

And I can not wait for a bookshelf tour!

Myranda @ My{reads}da

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