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Friday, June 17, 2011


Author: Cyndi Tefft
Series: ---
Publisher: Smashwords

Publication Date: 
Apr. 05, 2011 
Rate: 5+

It just figures that the love of Lindsey Water's life isn't alive at all, but the grim reaper, complete with a dimpled smile and Scottish accent. After transporting souls to heaven for the last 300 years, Aiden MacRae has all but given up on finding the one whose love will redeem him and allow him entry through the pearly gates. Torn between her growing attraction to Aiden and heaven's siren song, Lindsey must learn the hard way whether love really can transcend all boundaries. 

At first the book is quick and sucks you in then it gets to ... I don't know how to say it.. slow I guess. Not my style it was hard to read through I was so in love with the first 40 pages that I didn't think this would happen. Although there are a few confusing parts it does not lose its magic. Well except for that one bland part that thankfully only lasted a few pages. Because in the next instance you get sucked back in with the love and romance. If I could jump into any story it would be this one. Of course I wouldn't wish death upon myself or anyone else. But still. its great. I thought it was....oh cant ruin that part ok hmm. This is a beautifully crafted story. its heart wrenching, sadly, lovely, romantic, tear jerking, heart warming. It brings you closer to faith and its heart warming. This is an absolutley amazing tale that everyone should read. 


Denise Z said...

I have been following this book and have been interested. Thanks for sharing today.

E. Van Lowe said...

Hi Kati,

I am author, E. Van Lowe. I read your post on Book Blogs, checked out your blog, and I like it. I appreciate your honesty about reviews. I have a YA paranormal coming out in September. "Boyfriend From Hell." Why not stop by my blog, and see if I am someone you'd like to work with. I can provide ARCs and swag for giveaways. Visit me at


D.L. Cocchio said...

Thanks for sharing. Love the cover Art on this one! Can't wait to read it.

Cyndi Tefft said...

So glad you enjoyed it! <333


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