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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Best Free kindle book

After the Fire by Kathryn Shay

Summary:The Malvaso family has more than its share of firefighters, and when three of them--Jenn, Mitch, and Zach--almost lose their lives in a disastrous inferno, they change their views of the universe and their places in it. Jenn, a single woman living a platonic existence with Grady, her fellow firefighter and best friend, decides to have a baby. Mitch tries to make a go of his failing marriage and be a better father. Zach, too, has to get past a ruined relationship and fight many demons of his own. This powerful, emotionally realistic book is the first of Shay's new trilogy about the men and women who put their lives on the line every day and how that dedication and commitment affect all those around them. Poignant and compelling, this novel reinforces Shay's well-earned reputation as a first-rate storyteller. Detective Megan Hale comes to Hidden Cove, leaving behind painful memories of her policeman husband killed in the line of duty. But when she meets fireman Mitch Malvaso, Megan's heart is set ablaze-even if it knows the risks. 

Review: This book is amazing it also is told from a few different point of views which i normally hate. But this book never let me down once. It kept me on my toes. It kept me hoping for the characters. And I just loved this book. I feel in love with everything about it. Non stop action. It makes me want to read more about everyday heros. Although there wore some supriseing spelling errors and such. The last thing im going to say is.... I WANT MORE. Not just with these characters but also from this author. And this genre and everything. This book made me think about so many things in my life. Please go and check this book out you will not regret it.

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Sara said...

It's not the best. The best is Stick Dog Wants a Hamburger (go download it, I dare you, you'll laugh and laugh and laugh)

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