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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Ocean

Author:Mia Castile
Publisher:Entwined Publishing
Publication Date:April 26,2011
How Recieved:For Review

Summary: Gianna and Alex have just buried their mother.  Now they have to move back to St. Petersburg, Florida to live with their recovering alcoholic father.  All the new changes, however, may be more than Gia can bear.  While Alex turns to football and flirting with girls, she holds her emotions inside.  Together they make sense of their new lives as Gianna finds herself falling for Travis.  Travis is not without his own issues. Between his insecurities and other people meddling in his life, he finds strength in Gianna.  He vows to be there for her doing everything he can to make it happen.  The Ocean is a story of loss, redemption, and finding happiness in the middle of it all.
My Thoughts:
Mia Castile is the best debut author I've read this year. Her writing seems effortless, and I truly felt like I was living the lives of the characters.For me, the best type of writing is the writing that makes you feel the pain, happiness, and heartbreak that the characters are experiencing, and Mia's work has done just that. Travis and Gianna are both stunning protagonists, and their relationship is very realistic. Gianna's feelings over her mother's death had me on the verge of tears throughout the entire book, and seeing Travis's unwavering love for her was amazing. Suprisingly, I really liked Gianna's father. He was very supportive and trying so hard to to combat his addiction to alchohol.The Ocean is an emotional, sweet, and very well written novel; I definitely reccomend picking it up today.

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