Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the land of winter

Author: Margaret Sarah Bechtel 
Series: ---
Publication Date: May 07 2010
How Recieved: For review
Rate: 5+

Kate wants to forget her past.
Lex wants to begin his future.

The strangers meet on an ill-fated flight to Scotland, their lives and secrets collide when the plane crashes into the North Sea.

Only known survivors Kate and Lex are stranded on an island with an old lighthouse they are forced to use for shelter.

Lex is desperate to get them both rescued.
Kate is desperate to stop him.

In the land of winter was beyond my expectaions. It was amazing! Some parts in the begnning were a tad confusing. But you get over it when you go through a read it at the end its just. I dont have word for it is just amazing! I am completley and uderly in love with this book! When I was reading it, it was like watching a movie. It flowed so easliy. There was pain and shock. But there was love and passion. Great family aspect. I think many people will enjoy this book. It was also a quick read and impossible to put down. Definatly a book I could read over and over and still be shocked and amazed. I think if i read it again i could find little details i had missed before. as soon as my mother saw the book the first thing that popped out of her mouth was whats a beautiful cover! Its a must read so go to createspace today! 5/5

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