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Friday, May 20, 2011

For Fun Friday

So I decided that I want to show some people my crazy awesome editing skills..... yeah I edited these so long ago. Also I lied about the awesome skills but I want to show you anyways. I think this meme will be about the creative arts (Short stories, Images, Photos, Videos). So if anyone wants to be featured next week send me and email at
So here's what we got now. I use to be in love with Anime and Manga. I love editing and I got my start along time ago. If I could draw it would be ten times better sadly I can't I'm not sure how many Images I will put up.

  These People with the names are characters. I think the guy with the gun is the best edit I have done. Then I went to NWTC started digital editing and I made a magazine. Just looking at these it makes me want to start up again.


Christy said...

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therese gilardi said...

these are cute!

mendy said...

Nice editing <3
It'll be nice to see more to more pix please:D

25kati said...

Mendy and Therese thank you!

Mendy I would have to make more I haven't been able to find anymore but I can make some more I just need more pictures. I do have some that people drew. I can add those here.

krishna said...

I'm krishna. You have a great blog an now I'm following you. Can you follow me back and give me tips on how to improve my blog?

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