Friday, May 27, 2011


Author: Imogen Rose 
Series: Bonfire Chronicles
Publisher: Imogen Rose
Publication Date: March 1, 2011
How Received: For Review

Summary: Who is Faustine? When Faustine Spencer was five years old, she discovered a secret that changed her life forever. At twelve, her parents sent her to Bonfire Academy in Switzerland to ensure that she received the training needed to control her increasing powers.  

Three years later, Faustine returns to Manhattan. All she wants is to be a typical teenager, at least, one that's part of the in-crowd at her Upper East Side High School. When drop-dead gorgeous Ryker, her long-time crush from the Academy, finally notices her, she couldn't be happier. However, her desire for a normal life is shattered when her father, a prominent sovereign, disappears after naming her as his successor. Her siblings begin to disappear, and Faustine finds herself in the midst of a power struggle. With her life in danger, Faustine must learn to follow one of Bonfire Academy's most important rules: Trust no one.
My thoughts:
I have to admit, I don't recall ever reading a book where the protagonist was a demon.The fact that the main character was a demon made Faustine a really different type of paranormal novel, and that made the book extremly enjoyable. Faustine is a really awesome character. Having just arrived back from Bonfire Academy where she has spent the past three years learning how to control her demon transformations, Faustine is getting prepared to rise to the top of her new high school. But right before she is about to start living a normal life again, she finds out that her demon king father has gone missing - and her father has clearly appointed her as his new heir to the throne. This is where the adventure and action starts. Going through the adventure with Faustine and her friends as they try to figure out what happened to her dad was- in one word- breathtaking. There is a steamy romance, an awesome best friend, a super cool mom, and a HUGE cliffhanger ending. Fun and action-packed, Faustine is a must read!!!

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Denise said...

Okay you have done it again - another book for the wishlist!
Happy Graduation - best to you in your future endeavors.

BTW - I love my kindle, I have found loads of books for very reasonable prices, although some of the newer books in long time series are priced the same as an actual individual book, but it does not take up as much space and you can have a huge library.

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