Friday, April 8, 2011

Run Devil Run (Five books)

Author: Mari Freeman, Rachel Carrington, Susan DiPlacido, Valerie Mann, Becca Dale

Series: ---
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Publication Date: March 25, 2011
How Received: For Review
Recommended for: Adults (Books is erotica)
Share Your Soul By Rachel Carrington
On the fifth anniversary of my murder, I set out to find what I wanted the most—revenge against my killer husband.
Taking a risk, I met the Angel of Death—Gabriel. He told me to trust him. The last man I trusted put a bullet through my heart. Of course Gabriel was nothing like my ex, and the more I was with him, the less important vengeance became.

I am not one for ghost stories but.... OMG OMG OMG OMGOGMGOMGOGMGOGM!!!! * BREATH breath breath* Ok this story is amazing! The first few words are strange but just strange enough to draw you in! So in all this book is IMPOSSIBLE to put down. So well written I could just see the characters the pain, the hatered, the passion. It was all there! Olivia's visions made you feel as if you could see them too. mmmm Firery Hot! 81 Pages of Amazing!! I would love to see the story continued! (I saw on Rachel's website that there will be.... Eeeeeeeek!!!) 5+/5

Hey You by Valerie Mann
Cara’s play-by-the-rules life plan definitely doesn’t include falling in love with a demon— especially when his sole mission is taking her to hell with him. With her mortality in jeopardy and his eternal soul on the line, will their love survive?

Enticing!! Wow the Authors in this book sure know how to kick up the heat! And the tension! :]
Watchers and a society.... Ahhhh I wanted to run the other way made me think of Matched... Soo happy it was nothing like it! The end was steller, Amazing, Wow... I would love to see this continued as well! I  am really loving Run Devil Run. (spoke to soon)

Strut by Susan DiPlacido
Swimming pools, rock stars, and allegedly “magic” Hollywood shoes. These are what it takes to make a California girl’s Cinderella dreams come true.

Very Cutesy! Not as Erotica as the first two. It sort of felt like a remake of Cinderella but for adults ;] I wish I had more to say but sadly this book just didn't hit me like the first two.  It was good and I would love to see another one to it!

Can't Stop Me by Becca Dale
Can’t Stop Me simmers with passion and danger as prophecy, misguided souls, and the devil’s top gun threaten to unbalance good and evil.
Torn between personal peril and world-wide destruction, Luca and Kern must run from fate or take a stand for love and mankind’s right to exist.

High Above by Mari Freeman
An unlikely pair embark on a quest and along the way, the couple struggles to find the truth beneath the hatred and lies. The lifelong foes will have to fly high above their differences to save what’s left of both their tribes.
Smoldering passion can’t erase the pain of their past... but love will change their future.

Review for last two:
I could not read these two they just were not up to the level the first three were at. It sucks and I wish I was able to read them but that's just how it is.

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