Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Be Big

Author: Rick and Bubba
Series: ---

Publisher: Tomas Nelson
How Received: Own
Rate: 5

Even though I have never read anyones personal story before i thought i would try it with this one. I love how on the cover its says mostly true story. I really love their story and i think you will to. They make it very personal with pictures and stuff you feel like you know them personally its amazing. I loved this book and im not gonna lie when I first go it I was skeptical. But im glad I just jumped in and read it. I dont know how many praises I can give this book but Its worth it. Rick Bubba are funny great people I love reading their story. And it makes me think about life and what I want to do. you can feel the pain in this book as well. Very touching personal book.

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