Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (8)

Pet Peeves:

1: Flash backs in story
2: Not written in first person
3: Stickers on book
4: Bent Pages
5: Ugly Covers
6: Torn covers
7: Over used plot....*cough cough* vampires *cough*
8: Dislike hard covers (not that much)
9: When hard covers have sleeves
10: When I can't find the book I want

1: Bent Covers
2: Ripped Pages
3: Water spots
4: When a book doesn't make sense
5: When books are borrowed but not returned
6: Can't find book I want
7: Dislike way people handle books
8: Don't like when someone talks about a book I haven't read
9: Ugly Covers
10: Stickers on books

Thank you!!

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