Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hey Guys I'm sad to say I have ONLY read 55 books so far since January 1st. If you want to check out the list click HERE.

If you want to help with questions for authors click HERE or e-mail me @

If your looking for Giveaways or Interviews click HERE.

Other wise enjoy the site and I hope you like it!

I hope to have something for you soon. But I've been having days that are just to myself and I'm loving it! I also started back at college so I am even more busy. But do not worry. I would never leave the blog. I love it to much and thank you so much for supporting it! You have no Idea how much it means to me. 

On my first day to class we always have to introduce ourselves. Well this time I had something to share. You guys and how amazing you are. Me being 17 while everyone else is so much older not only were they shocked as to the fact that I am in both college and high school. But that I love reading AND that I have this amazing blog and books that I receive to review. And you amazing people following me. 

In my high school class I have this class where we are writing memos right now and almost all of them are either about this blog or to a follower or to publishers. I hope to soon send out the memo I wrote to the follower because she really inspired me and I want to make that up to her. Thank you  Brearne. My mom told me to tell you not to read it at school though. I laughed and told her I do it to. 

So thank you again and I hope you have an amazing Rest of the week and weekend!

Kati Lear

Ps. Right now I am reading

Dark Moon by Steve Feasy
The dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King
Blue Bells of scotland by Laura Vosika
Blood bonds by Adrienne Wilder
You killed Westley Payne by sean beaudoin
Mercy by Rebecca Lim
(I think thats all) 
I hope to be done with one soon!
I should probably quit that habit!


Deborah A. said...

Haha, you've read ONLY 55 books? I've read 21 (almost 22) and I think I'm doin' pretty good. :)

I'm a new follower.

Stacey Donaldson said...

Only 55, huh? I would say that's pretty impressive! I've read a measly 12. I guess I need to get on the ball!

Thanks for the post and the encouragement!

Brittany said...

55? ALREADY? that's crazy! :)

25kati said...

Thanks you guys! I think I always thought 55 was only a little because I use to be able to read so fast. Now I have a cat that loves to destroy my room so it takes me a bit longer.

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