Sunday, March 27, 2011

Singled out

AuthorSara Griffiths
Series: Unknown
Publisher: Bancroft Press
Publication Date: 
How Received: Own
Rate: 5

There was a time when all was right in Taylor Dresden's world-that is, as long as she was on the baseball diamond, pitching with all her heart. But that was years ago. Now, as she heads toward her senior year, the magic is gone. There's no competition in her New Jersey high school, and summer league is not much better. With the scouts losing interest on account of her poor grades, and with the challenge of the game gone, Taylor has made a difficult decision: She won't be playing her senior year. Everything changes when a local, elite, all-boys prep school recruits Taylor for its own baseball team. One of the first three girls ever to attend, Taylor begins to see that she genuinely does have the opportunity to create some real change in her life, her way-and just maybe for the better. But the Hazelton School is a rich boy's world, its student body run by the Statesmen-an organization determined to force Taylor and the other girls out of their school. Their leader, Sam Barrett, may well be more than he seems, but in a school where not only the sports, but the classes too, are harder than ever, Taylor may never have a chance to find out. Taylor knows she's a great pitcher, but can she be a great student? Can she succeed in the face of devious boys who will stop at nothing to get rid of her? Will she rise above them or sink to their level-or will she be gone before she can do either?

I know that Katie has already reviewed this book. But I thought what the heck its short big letter shouldn't take me long plus Katie Raved about it. My thing it I don't know why it toke her so long. I believe it was about 4 weeks give or take... Toke me less then a day. It's double spaced big text and barley 200 pages. It was good. But not amazing. It was cute and very sweet I can see why Katie liked it and I can't wait to see if there is another one in the series but....It was so short! So thats why I give it a 4/5. Also there is a one before this called Thrown a Curve. Harrison has told me that there is no plan yet as to a third one. I hope you check it out and enjoy!


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